Collectif Annual Membership
Collectif Annual Membership

Collectif Annual Membership


Well this is a bit exciting……. It’s a membership to our Collectif Club!  This has been a long time coming and we really hope you’ll want to come on board and be part of the Ivy Joan family!  So what is it all about?  

The question we are asked most frequently is when will this item be available and can you give me a heads up when you get a certain item in…… unfortunately as our followers have grown and it’s still just me behind the screen it’s become impossible to ensure people get a heads up and of late I’ve found myself having to give a blanket answer of ‘it’ll be online soon’ which isn’t as in-depth as I would like it to be so that was the why behind this project!

This is how it works, this purchase will give you a years membership to the Collectif club which in turn has several elements, the main one being our collection mailer.  Once a month a few days before the 1st you’ll receive a beautiful mini catalogue of collections, this publication will be to the same standard of our magazine printed on FSC approved paper.  The publication will list every collection that’s due that month alongside the time and date they launch to ensure you know when to log on to buy your coveted item, alongside the collections they’ll also be two lifestyle pieces each month ranging from interviews, craft ideas, cookery ideas and suggestions of Brocantes to visit in France.  Never miss out again and have fun while doing so!  This is a limited membership so once we reach the quota you’ll be unable to join this is to ensure we only have a select amount of customers each month with early access.  Please note this is by no means to not be inclusive but to ensure those that have purchased get value for money.


The membership is annual, if you buy in June your membership will run from July 2022 to June 2023 - it will include the following:

12 Collectif Club Mini Catalogues posted to your home address 

2 Magazines annually posted to your home including a limited edition press pack (these have in the past been free but going forward this will be a paid for item)

1 free postage code for your first order as a Collectif Member 

1 Members exclusive e-shot per month 

Samples of all new candle fragrances sent to your home address ahead of launch date


All this is included in the one off payment at the beginning of your annual subscription, you’ll be sent a reminder 6 weeks before your subscription expires to remind you to renew.  

The payment is a non refundable payment for a full years subscription to the Ivy Joan Collectif Club


Postage is for UK addresses only