The Ivy Joan Alphabet...... an introduction

Due to a love of letters and our recent delivery from our new brand AlphabetBags we thought our blog should be all about the 'Ivy Joan Alphabet'.

We see it every day, all day, it’s on everything.  From the first glance of our phone in the morning to the packaging of our toothpaste, billboards, road signs, buildings, you can’t avoid the Alphabet.

A is for Apple
B is for Ball

C is for Cat, and we all know D is for Dog…. One of the first things we learn and possibly one of our first loves!  We all seem to have our own personal affair with letters, usually partial to our own initials, we can’t help being drawn to them.   I am a total sucker for an H, be that a beaten up bit of wood for the garden that kind of resembles the aforementioned letter or a little gold H pin badge for my jacket, letters make it personal and let’s face it we all love the thought of something that is made especially for us!

Join with us on the journey of our Alphabet, we will update a few letters a day * promise to share some great Ivy Joan insider knowledge!