Artisan Hand Made Burner

Artisan Hand Made Burner


Inspired by my love of confits, I decided to collaborate with Rob Wheeler pottery again for another addition to the Ivy Joan Collection (and this could quite possibly be my favourite). We have spent months planning these to make sure that they created the right scent throw and burn along with fine tuning the aesthetics. We are pretty proud of the result! With limited availability, you need to get in quick as I think these may find their forever homes fast!

Please note everyone is slightly different as they are handmade so there is some slight variation between each piece, this is part of their charm that no two are identical, we love the uniqueness where you can see the drip of the clay or the moulding of the handle, a truly special piece of craftsmanship!

We partnered with Rob a couple of years ago now and the collection has gone from strength to strength.  I find something old that I love and think about any adaptations that might be needed to make it a useful piece for modern day living and Rob makes our dream come to life..... this product was incredibly special to work on as I’ve wanted a burner for ages and have never found anything up my street in terms of design.

This certainly wasn’t our first attempt and there are a few samples before we got to the end piece you see now.  Of course we wanted this product to look great but the logistics of a burner mean just looking good won’t cut the mustard, there was practicality to think about (never ever is practicality high up on my list), getting in enough air to keep the candle lit, a removable dish so it can be washed, scent throw and then of course does it look bloody lovely? Like I say a few attempts and we cracked it and ended up with exactly what I wanted a burner based on a vintage french confit!  The burner can be used with oils or wax melts, they are all hand made by Rob and have also all been tested individually to ensure the quality.  The dish is removable to aid lighting the candle and so you can easily remove any residue.

You can use our lovely wax melts with the burner and we suggest our pure tealights but scented ones will work too just try to match your scent if you go for double scent.