Incredible Crazed Churns and Bottles

Incredible Crazed Churns and Bottles



Three pots all different but displayed beautifully together! Sold separately see below for descriptions.


White Churn:

These little Stoneware pots come in all shapes and sizes. This one is a stunning little cream churn with the most amazing crazing just around the rim - a very unique churn.

Pop some wild flowers in to spruce up a shelf at home. 

Height 8.4 cm


 Blue Ronuks Bottle

We are so in love with these they are just stunning pieces.  These are ronuk bottles from the turn of the century, these were used for polish, how lovely! 

They make lovely little vases in beautiful colours. The light bottles remind me of summer!

Height approximately 12.5 cm


White Jar:
I don't want to let her go! Look at the angles and curves. Look at that crazing. Just divine!

There is a small amount of black chipping on the back but my goodness we think this makes her more perfect.

Height: 7.4cm