Vintage Botanical Print - Dandelion & Toadstool Mix

Vintage Botanical Print - Dandelion & Toadstool Mix


Our vintage botanical prints are one of our bestsellers, you can see why.  Our unframed wall art is always popular, we know what it’s like sometimes the frames we’ve found don’t meet your decor needs and we understand that. 

This is a great piece from our botanical range, its an original vintage piece that has come from an antique book dated at 1920, this particular one is a Dandelion mix, we love the toadstools in the bottom corner.  We have quite a few all the same size, we suggest putting and framing a cluster all together.

16.5 x 25 cm


Please note these pieces are 100 years old so may have creases in places, for us it all adds to how beautiful they are - we love the authenticity of them!